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Start by gripping the ball with your shooting hand wideand your thumb comfortably spread out. Place your index finger (pointer,forefinger) on the air valve of the ball. Then place the ball on your hip so that you have your guide hand free. With your guide hand,measure the distance from the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb.

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  • How do you hold a basketball when shooting?

  • The fingers on your shooting hand should be perpendicular to the seams on the ball. Keep your shooting hand underneath the ball with your palm facing up and out. Rest the palm of your non-shooting hand on the side of the ball to steady it. Push the ball up and forward, and turn your body 20 to 90 degrees toward your non-shooting hand as you jump.

  • How to grip a basketball with small hands?

  • Fill a large bucket with rice and plunge your arms forearm deep into the rice, then squeeze the rice with your hands. This will help work all of the tendons and ligaments in your hands, which is necessary for gripping a basketball with small hands. Having strong hands can help you overcome the lack of size when gripping a basketball.

  • Should your hand touch the basketball when you shoot?

  • The only area of your shooting hand not touching the basketball is the small gap in the middle of your hand. Another important but overlooked detail is that the fingers should be spread comfortably wide on the basketball. These adjustments must happen immediately upon receiving the basketball.

  • Should You Wrap Your Thumb Around the back of the basketball?

  • Don’t wrap your thumb around the back of the basketball. When you hold the ball, you should not be able to see the back of your guiding hand, but rather its profile. Once your hands are properly positioned on the basketball, you can engage in your shooting motion. Your guiding hand should in no way influence the shot.