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Standing in one spot, dribble quickly and powerfully with your lefthandonly. Once you’ve mastered this, try dribbling up and down the court with your left while blindfolded. This will help develop your feel for the ball with your lefthandbecause you won’t be able to cheat by looking down at the ball.

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  • How can I improve my left-handed skills in basketball?

  • Don’t just use the weeks leading up to basketball season to refine your left-handed fundamentals. Practice year-round, if possible, until you’re confident making a variety of plays on the court with either hand.

  • How to dribble a basketball with a weak hand?

  • A basketball is put in the weak hand and a tennis ball is placed in the other hand. The player starts to walk and dribble the basketball while tossing the tennis ball up and down to him/herself. Usually, players tend to look down at the basketball when they are dribbling with their weak hand.

  • How can I get stronger hands for palming a basketball?

  • Even stronger hands are needed to perform basketball tricks like the professionals — such as palming a basketball. Palming a basketball requires strength, practice, coordination and determination. There are multiple exercises you can complete to help develop strength in your hands, wrist and fingers.

  • Should you use your left or right hand when playing basketball?

  • Naturally, you tend to use your better hand much of the time. It’s more comfortable, you’re more effective and it doesn’t feel awkward. Tell yourself heading into practice that you’re going to use your left almost exclusively. Sure, this may result in a few turnovers. You may even dribble the ball of of your foot sometimes.