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Anyway, a player can get a triple-double in basketball by simplyscoring a double-figure pointsuch as ten or more in any of three stats in a single session of the game. The most common triple-double stats seen mostly are rebounds, assists, and points. But it is not obvious that the other two categories are too hard to get triple-doubles.

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  • How do you get a triple-double in basketball?

  • To achieve a triple-double in basketball, one needs to notch up at least 10 of points, rebounds, assists, steals or blocks through the course of a game. Traditionally, the easiest kind of triple-double to achieve is the points-rebounds-assists triple double.

  • What is the most common triple double in basketball?

  • By far the most common triple double you鈥檒l find combines points, assists, and rebounds. Other types of triple doubles are definitely possible — for example, points + rebounds + blocks — but they鈥檙e far more rare. Other terms you should know? Double-Double – When a player achieves at least 10 in TWO statistical categories.

  • How do you use triple double in a sentence?

  • 1. This occurs in basketball when a player has double-digit figures in at least three statistical categories, such as points, rebounds and assists. Examples Of How Triple Double Is Used In Commentary. 1. He finished the night with the first triple-double of his career.

  • Who is the NBA player to average a triple-double in a season?

  • Russell Westbrook became the first NBA player to average a triple-double over the season for two consecutive years (2016-17, 2017-18). There have been very few games in the NBA when two teammates recorded a triple-double in the same game.