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  • How do I get sponsorship for my basketball team?

  • Write a brief cover letter about your team. Send an email about your team to [email protected] explaining why you would like sponsorship form Nike Basketball. Send your presentation, and ensure you leave contact details, such as a telephone number and postal address. Wait for Nike to get in contact.

  • How does the Nike sponsorship program work in basketball?

  • Nike Basketball runs a sponsorship program that provides financial assistance to teams that fulfill certain criteria. Although it can be tough to get sponsorship from Nike, owing to the high levels of competition, it is possible.

  • How do I find sponsorships for my youth sports club?

  • Performing a search for youth sports sponsorships or grants can help provide a list of which companies are open to funding youth teams. Also think about how you can market your youth sports club with both on and offline channels. Your ability to position your club or team favorably in the community will impact your ability to land sponsorships.

  • How to find sponsors for sponsorships?

  • Put them together in a database and start collecting their contact details. For that, you can also make a first round of calls to the companies on your list and ask for the person responsible for sponsorships.