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Using a sledgehammerto remove your basketball pole. If you decide to remove the pole,you鈥檒l want to first cut the pole and make sure there are no sharp edges that could potentially cut you. Next,you鈥檒l have to break out the 鈥渂ig guns鈥?鈥?a sledgehammer to help you get rid of your basketball hoop.

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  • Is it hard to remove a basketball hoop?

  • Removing a fixed basketball hoop is a greater challenge than removing a portable basketball hoop and probably best left to a professional. A portable basketball hoop has its own base that provides support. While getting rid of a portable basketball hoop is still pretty cumbersome, it is likely going to be a easier project.

  • How to remove an in-ground basketball pole?

  • The following are some general steps on how to remove an in-ground basketball pole. Keep in mind that this is a labor-intensive process and that basketball poles can be extremely heavy. Please use caution and make sure that the area surrounding the pole is clear. Use your helpers to try and gently bring the pole down.

  • How to get rid of an old basketball goal?

  • But the first step is figuring out how to get rid of your old basketball goal. When you begin the disassembly process, it is best to begin from the top for both safety and ease of use. Always remove all other parts, before attempting to remove the pole. First, you will remove the net, then loosen all nuts and bolts that hold up the board.

  • What happens to a basketball hoop after it gets wet?

  • The poles can rust, the net will get worn and torn and the sand or water bottom can get moldy. Is your goal portable or fixed? A fixed basketball hoop has been set into the ground while the concrete was still wet, meaning that it is embedded into the concrete.