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  • Should I email college basketball coaches?

  • The final step, which at this point the player is a LEGITIMATE college basketball prospect, is to email college basketball coaches. Emailing college basketball coaches is a proactive step to let them know as a player you are interested in their basketball program, and hopefully, create some interest from the college coach in recruiting you.

  • Should I send letters to college coaches?

  • Most coaches ignore letters from recruits unless they already know the athlete. That said it can be a way stand out from all of the other recruits as long as you are using email and phone calls in addition to letters. We don鈥檛 recommend sending letters initially to coaches, but instead use email and phone calls.

  • How to get recruited for college basketball?

  • How to Get Recruited for College Basketball 1 Create a target list of schools 2 Gather contact information for college coaches 3 Start communication with college coaches 4 Attend summer basketball camps and showcases 5 Know the NCAA and NAIA rules and regulations 6 Know the academic requirements to be eligible

  • What makes a good college recruitment letter?

  • Here are some key guidelines for a good college recruitment letter email: Personalized to the Coach 鈥?Do not use a generic address such as 鈥淒ear Coach鈥?in an email. Take the time to look up a coach鈥檚 name on the school athletic website. College coaches may not read an email if their name (correctly spelled) is not included.