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  • What is the John Lucas Elite Invitational?

  • The John Lucas Elite Invitational is an invitational only camp for nationally identified elite high school boys basketball players from around the country.. Scouts and recruiting analyst use this camp as a bench market to find up and coming talent. Selections are made through our evaluation staff and grassroots evaluators from across the country.

  • How do you get invited to a college basketball camp?

  • How to get invited to basketball camps Basketball camps give student-athletes an opportunity to compete against top recruits, refine their skills and compete in front of college coaches. Typically, coaches invite student-athletes to participate in their camp via email. They might also mail information to families.

  • Why do college basketball players go to camps?

  • Often, colleges host camps on their campuses intended for the best players. Unlike typical youth basketball camps, elite camps offer a great opportunity for top athletes to compete against each other and showcase their skills directly to coaches of those programs they’re most interested in. Are basketball exposure camps worth it?

  • How do elite basketball camps work?

  • As a parent, you can see if your child is advancing through live-streamed games. At Elite Camps, students play three games a day in front of universities and colleges. Students also get film sessions with coaches and camp directors. What Do Basketball Camps Do?