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  • What is mshtv camp?

  • MSHTV Camp was created to help young players gain exposure on the basketball court. BallisLife, Overtime, SLAM, Hoop Diamonds, and many more outlets will be in attendance. EVERY COURT has a designated videographer throughout the weekend, ensuring that no action is missed during the event.

  • Where do mshtv players come from?

  • Players came from as far away as California, Washington, Ontario, British Columbia, Texas, Utah, and Florida. MSHTV Camp will give young athletes a chance to compete with players from around the United States and measure themselves against the best players in the country.

  • Why are basketball exposure camps invite only?

  • Many basketball exposure camps are invitation-only. To attract the best college recruiters, camp organizers ensure they showcase the best talent by inviting only the best.

  • What is a showcase camp in basketball?

  • Exposure, or showcase, basketball camps are events specifically organized for the purpose of spotlighting and evaluating players as potential college prospects. Typically, they aren’t affiliated or hosted by any particular university.