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  • How important is basketball to the AIS?

  • 鈥淏asketball was a foundation sport when the AIS was formed in 1981 and you only need to look through the list of Australians who have played in the NBA to realise the impact this program has had. Of the 17 Australians who have played in the NBA, 14 of those have been through the basketball program here at the AIS.

  • What is the NBA Global Academy at AIS?

  • The NBA Global Academy follows the launch of NBA academies in Hangzhou, Jinan and Urumqi, China; Thies, Senegal; and Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), India. The NBA Global Academy at the AIS will also host the inaugural NBA Academy Games from June 24-30, including squads from the international academies and Australian youth teams.

  • What is the AIS?

  • AIS is a world leader in high-performance and is the flagship of the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Government鈥檚 sports agency. NBA Global Academy athletes reside at the AIS Residence of Champions and attend a local high-school with all other AIS residential athletes.

  • What did the AIS talent program do this year?

  • The AIS Talent Program has wrapped up for this year, with an impressive group of women in STEMM undertaking ground-breaking leadership programs. The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) leads and enables a united and collaborative high performance sport system that supports Australian athletes to achieve international podium success.