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  • How to get in basketball shape in 2 weeks?

  • How to Get in Basketball Shape in 2 Weeks. In basketball, you need to be in shape for a sprint, such as on a fast break, and be able to last an entire game. Therefore, to get in basketball shape in two weeks, you must perform both types of training to be in optimal shape.

  • How can I get in shape fast?

  • This article has been viewed 473,877 times. To get in shape fast, aim to do at least 150 minutes of cardio per week, like walking, running, or swimming. Additionally, do interval training 1-2 times per week, where you alternate between short bouts of high intensity cardio with longer bouts of moderate intensity cardio.

  • How long does it take to get in shape?

  • A week is really just enough time to get started on a program and make exercise a habit. A person who is very fit can do a two-week tone-up challenge to fine-tune the body, but that individual is already in shape prior to the weeks in question. Starting from scratch requires more than seven days of commitment.

  • How can I prepare for basketball season?

  • Step 1. Work on your speed and endurance by jogging six days a week for the two weeks before basketball season. Alternate between jogging normally and running sprints to help you with both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. A sprint is when you run as fast as you can for a given period of time, anywhere from 15 seconds to two minutes.