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To obtain certification in basketball coaching and become certified, the prospective coach is required tocomplete courses in coaching, CPR, first aid, as well as pass examinations.

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  • How do I get a youth basketball coaching certification?

  • Organizations such as the Youth Basketball Coaching Association, American Council on Coaching and American Sports Education Program each provide alternative certification programs to get you started. The popularity of youth sports means that there are many opportunities to coach a team.

  • What is the coaches certification program?

  • This program is for all members of the baseball coaching community, regardless of age, level, or experience. With the launch of the Coaches Certification Program, USA Baseball hopes to proliferate a culture of continued development amongst the coaches of our great game.

  • Why are basketball coaching certification courses important?

  • These courses are not only important for certification, but also they aid you in developing an appropriate coaching philosophy for kids and teenagers. The classes teach you not only about coaching basketball specifically but also how to communicate with players and create a positive experience.

  • What is the Basketball Coaching Development Program?

  • Our Basketball Coaching Development Program is all about helping you become a better basketball coach in all areas and giving your players the best instruction possible. When you join The Academy, you are automatically enrolled in all current and future courses.