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How to Have a Good Basketball ShotSteps. Get a basketball and hoop. You can’t practice without either of them. Hold the ball. …Tips. Don’t cross your arms when you shoot,stay in your form. Keep practicing,you won’t get any better if you don’t.Warnings. You will miss a lot of shots and you won’t get it down in one day. …

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  • How to shoot a basketball perfectly?

  • How to Shoot a Basketball Perfectly in 10 Steps Step #1 – Shot Preparation. Being a great shooter starts before you receive the basketball. This step is often… Step #2 – Hand Placement on the Ball. Upon catching the basketball or raising up into a shot, players must be able to… Step #3 – …

  • How can I improve my basketball shooting form?

  • Incorporating the following tips into your practice routine will help you improve your basketball shooting form: Hand positioning is key. Your grip on the ball plays a major role in your ability to shoot well. Your grip affects feel, spin, connection, and control through your release.

  • What is a good shot for a high school basketball player?

  • As you move from practices to games, it’s important for all players to understand which areas of the floor are good shots for them. The unwritten rule is that a players should be able to make 6-7/10 from a spot unguarded during practice before they start taking a shot from that spot during games (HS level).

  • How to play basketball for beginners?

  • Steps Get a basketball and hoop. You can’t practice without either of them. Hold the ball. Put your strong hand anywhere on the ball because that will be your shooting hand. Bringing the ball up. For younger players it’s okay to have the ball under your head. Shoot with your legs.