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Compressed AirThis might be a more expensive option if you use compressed air regularly, but it can be used to inflate a basketball. The little straw that fits onto the cannister should also fit inside the basketball. Use small blasts of air to fill up the ball. This will only work if you have enough compressed air to fill up the ball.

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  • How do you inflate a basketball?

  • To inflate a basketball, all you’ll need is an air pump and a ball needle. First, attach the ball needle to the pump, and moisten it with some water.

  • How do you use a basketball fill can?

  • How you want to use it is by sticking the needle into the basketball valve and squeeze the trigger for a couple of seconds at a time. The can will get cold fairly quickly so you want to gradually squeeze and stop. Do not do this frequently to fill up your basketballs as this isn鈥檛 very cost-effective.

  • How to pump up a basketball without a needle?

  • Several Ways To Pump Up A Ball Without A Needle Or Pump. 1 鈥?Using a balloon it is possible to pass air from the ballon to the Basketball. If you have a needle it is as simple as blowing up the balloon as big as you can without popping it. Take the balloon and pinch it off to prevent the air from leaving but do not tie it.

  • How do you make a basketball out of a balloon?

  • Inflate the balloon as much as you can. Seal the balloon with a paper clip or clamp. Insert your thin straw into the balloon鈥檚 hole. Insert the other end of the straw into the basketball鈥檚 air hole. Remove the paper clip/clamp to let the air move from the balloon to the ball.