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Use a Balloon. The easiest method of inflating your basketball without a needle involves using air from a balloon. …Use an air compressor. The next hack involves using an air compressor to blow up your basketball. …A pen ink tube can work as a needle. The ink tube of your pen can also act as a perfect solution for getting into the tiny basketball hole.An Infusion ball can save you the hassle of using a needle. …

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  • How to pump a basketball without a needle or pump?

  • Here鈥檚 how to pump a basketball without a needle or a pump. It鈥檚 unclear if this method works, but according to urban legends, it just might. This method involves filling the ball by transferring air from an inflated balloon. This works by filling up a balloon as much as you can. The bigger and stronger the balloon, the better.

  • How to inflate a basketball without a needle?

  • After using a tubeless valve stem, this is perhaps the easiest way of inflating balls without a needle. Here鈥檚 how you should use a can of compressed air to inflate a basketball:

  • How to inflate a basketball with a balloon?

  • And here鈥檚 how you would use a balloon to inflate your basketball: Inflate the balloon as much as you can. Seal the balloon with a paper clip or clamp. Insert your thin straw into the balloon鈥檚 hole. Insert the other end of the straw into the basketball鈥檚 air hole. Remove the paper clip/clamp to let the air move from the balloon to the ball.

  • How to inflate a soccer ball without a pump?

  • How To Inflate Any Ball Without a Pump or Needle Method #1: Use Compressed Air to Pump Up Your Ball Method #2: Transfer Air from a Balloon into Your Flat Ball Method #3: Fashion a Pen’s Ink Tube as a Makeshift Needle Method #4: Visit a Gas Station to Refill Your Ball Method #5: Or Visit a Bike Shop Instead