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  • Do you fill out your NCAA tournament bracket?

  • Filling out a NCAA Tournament bracket is a time-honored tradition shared by those familiar and those new to college basketball. Everybody fills out a bracket, from President Barack Obama to the paper delivery boy, everybody does it.

  • How do you win a college basketball bracket?

  • A strong start is essential for having a successful bracket. Yes, you get more points for wins in the later rounds (depending on the scoring structure of the pool you鈥檙e in), but college basketball bracket pools with lots of participants are often decided by a few points 鈥?points that you can earn in the opening round.

  • How do you make a March Madness bracket?

  • Online you can find tons of websites and apps that let you make a bracket and create or join a league with friends or strangers. Selection Sunday marks the start of March Madness when the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Committee announces the 68 teams that will be playing in the tournament.

  • How do I create a bracket in Tournament Challenge?

  • Go to Tournament Challenge; click Create New Bracket Click Edit your entry settings here. Select a name for your bracket; click Save Settings.