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How To DribbleABasketballWhileRunningContact the ball with the fingers of one hand at about hip height.

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  • How do you dribble a basketball step by step?

  • To dribble a basketball, hold the ball so that your fingertips are the only part of your hand that鈥檚 touching the ball, place your legs about shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees slightly. Bounce the ball off the ground firmly and use your fingertips to catch it as it bounces up before pushing it to the ground again.

  • What is the importance of dribbling in basketball?

  • Mastering the dribble can help you protect the ball from your opponent and advance the ball to the hoop to score points.

  • How do you pass the ball while dribbling?

  • By selling his or her movements, the player can get the defender to move toward the ball while it’s in one hand, then quickly cross the ball over to the other hand, allowing the player to quickly dribble around the defender or pass the ball while s/he’s off-balance. One useful related dribbling technique is the In Out Dribble.

  • How do you protect the basketball when dribbling?

  • If a player bounces the basketball without much force, the ball can easily be tapped away by a defender because of the time extra time it isn鈥檛 in the offensive player鈥檚 hands. Players have to make sure they鈥檙e protecting the basketball when dribbling. There are several ways to do this: 1. Raise your non-dribbling arm for protection