how to draw a basketball with flames插图

People also ask

  • How do I make the flames bigger in my drawing?

  • Make the beginning of the flame slender and widen it as you go. Thanks! How do I make the flames bigger? Just draw more outlines over the points. Instead of 3, draw 6 or 7.

  • How to draw flames with a pencil?

  • Draw again more flames especially on the bottom the fire. Do this by holding your pencil tilted . When you draw flames by pencil, it is good to draw the fire darker in the bottom and lighter towards the top. I encourage you to use your fantasy and add as many flames as you feel necessary. Now make some sharper rough pencil contours of each flame.

  • How do you draw a fire in a paper?

  • Draw a vertical wavy line. Start where you want the base of the flames to be. Then, draw the vertical wavy line going up toward the top of your page. Stop when the line is about one-third the height you鈥檇 like the tallest part of the flames to be.

  • How do you draw a teardrop flame?

  • Draw a teardrop shape with a wavy point. First, draw the rounded base of the teardrop shape. Then, draw the point coming up off of the base. Make the lines leading up to the point bend gradually 1 to 2 times, like a wave, so your drawing looks like a flickering flame.