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Toss the ball up in the air and snap your wrist forwardas fast and as far as you can. At the end of this action,immediately point the finger that you want to spin the ball on at the ball in the air. The upward snap action will propel the ball into the air while making it spin horizontally.

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  • How do you use spin move in basketball?

  • First you need to know that this is a great move to use in the following ways: Blowing past a defender in the open court. When a defender cuts you off as a counter move. Creating space to get off a jump shot. A way to finish inside by spinning off of help defenders.

  • How do you spin a ball in volleyball?

  • Dropping your shoulder and turning your body starts the spin, protects the ball and fakes a move in the opposite direction of the spin. Turn your non-dribble foot sideways, planting it between the defender’s feet. Allow your body weight to shift forward onto the foot.

  • How do you dribble the ball in basketball?

  • Keep the palm of your hand above the ball and use the force against your fingers to control the dribble during your spin. Swing the ball around your body and dribble once more with that hand. Continue your dribble with the opposite hand, keeping your body in between the ball and defender as you complete the spin.

  • Can you really spin a basketball on your finger?

  • They can be really fun to watch and one of the most popular ones is to spin a basketball on your finger. It looks really cool. It鈥檚 like the ball is floating or spinning in the air. One of the great things about this trick is that almost anyone can learn to do it.