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The most simple way to do a floater is touse the right analog stick and aim it away from the basket. You have to be just far enough that the player will not attempt a layup and close enough to not go for a step back or fade away. It is easier to do when your player has enough momentum and you just have to time it while near the free-throw line.

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  • How to shoot a floater in basketball?

  • How to Shoot a Floater From the top of the key, act as if a defender is guarding your non-dominate hip and a post player is coming toward you from the net Keep your head up and drive towards the net and decide if you want to jump off of one or two feet – your jump should be completely vertical so you don’t draw a foul

  • What is a floater in NBA 2k21?

  • This guide will simply teach you how to do a floater in NBA 2K21. What is a Floater? What is a Floater? A floater is a basketball move where the offensive player uses a high arcing shot to 鈥榝loat鈥?the ball into the basket. It is usually used where you are far enough to make a layup and close enough to get your jump shot blocked by taller defenders.

  • How are the floaters different for each player?

  • Each of these floaters are different for each player. As you may already know from choosing your own move sets for your player, these floaters, runners, and teardrops are all animated or executed differently. Some are a bit slower while some require a fast release.

  • What is the goal of the floater shot?

  • The goal of the floater is to shoot a high arcing shot over a taller or longer defender. The reason for this is because some defenders have made shot blocking a huge part of their game and they do it well.