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Create space between you and your defender byfaking shots– also known as a pump-fake. To fake a shot, look at the basket, bend your knees and begin to bring the ball up as if you were going to shoot. When your defender leaves his feet or sprints toward you, you’ll have room to shoot or dribble.

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  • What does it mean to space out in basketball?

  • Perimeter players should space-out to open spots on the perimeter for a kick-out pass. Like cutting, when a perimeter player dribble-drives, usually an adjacent perimeter player will fill his/her vacated spot on the arc.

  • How far apart should you space out in basketball?

  • All good offenses have good spacing and movement. Except when screening or cutting around a teammate, perimeter players should space out about 12 to 15 feet apart. Poor spacing results in bad passes, getting double-teamed, turnovers, and poor opportunities for scoring.

  • What are the advantages of spacing in basketball?

  • Good spacing allows for hi-lo passing from one post player to another, when the perimeter players are spaced out on the arc, and their is no helpside defense. 4. Spacing makes it harder to defend cutters. 5. Spacing makes it harder to deny the passing lanes.

  • How do you dribble in basketball step by step?

  • Begin by dribbling the ball at your side and take one step in that direction, as if you’re preparing to drive. Once the defender reacts by leaning that way, dribble the ball across your body quickly to the other side. This should create several feet of space for you to shoot or dribble toward the hoop.