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  • How many colors are there in a basketball court?

  • Use our Basketball Court Designer to create your own basketball court color combinations. Choose from our 18 standard court colors. * Colors may vary slightly from actual product. **Brite Red, Tournament Purple, and Orange are higher cost pigments.

  • What are the lines and markings on a basketball court?

  • See a typical basketball court layout with the lines and markings explained. High school, college, and professional leagues have slightly different markings due to different rules, but most lines are the same. This diagram represents a standard high school basketball court. Sideline – The boundary lines on each side of the court.

  • Do all basketballs have the same color?

  • In top-tier basketball leagues like the NBA and NCAA, players always use balls with the same color scheme. While a few balls in the market have bizarre and contrasting colors, most basketballs have the same color, which is an orange or light-colored leather scheme.

  • What color was the first basketball?

  • The first basketball was dark-brown in color due to its heavy leather construction. Even though design-changes were so common in the 20th century, color-changes were not seen until 1957. Tony Hinkle, in collaboration with Spalding, developed the first orange basketball, which debuted in the NCAA championship game in 1958.