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  • How to build a basketball court in the backyard?

  • Decorative flooring surfaces will make your basketball court in the backyard more unique. When you are introducing your kids to the ball game, it better to build them a small court. A concrete floor surface for a simple backyard ball court will be very cost-effective but functional.

  • How many pavers do I need to build a basketball court?

  • You could really make a court any size that works for your yard. I measured and sketched our backyard basketball court on paper with a couple of size options, then marked it off in the yard before getting started. Using 16鈥?square paver stones, I needed 72 pavers for our court (6 rows of 12).

  • How do you measure a basketball court for a box?

  • Measure 8 feet (2.4 m) out from your midpoint along the side of the court and make marks with a pencil. From those marks, measure 19 feet (5.8 m) onto the court perpendicular to the side to make the sides of the box.

  • How do you make stencils for a basketball court?

  • Make stencils for the lines on your court using painters’ tape. Pull the painters’ tape along the length of the lines you drew on your court and press them down firmly. Position another piece of tape 2 inches (5.1 cm) in toward the center of the court so it鈥檚 parallel to the first piece.