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How to NBA Point Spread Bet. For picking the Spread in NBA basketball,the main aspects to focus on are 鈥?Recent matchup results between the two teams鈥?Some NBA teams play really well against others and there are also cases where lower teams match up well against better teams (these are the cases when there may be 鈥榲alue鈥?in the market). …

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  • What is spread betting on basketball?

  • Spread betting is the most popular form of betting on basketball. It also goes by the name of Line betting. But whatever you like to call it, it is essentially a form of handicap betting. If you go to your preferred bookmaker you will see NBA games listed in the following manner:

  • How do you bet on NBA games?

  • Let鈥檚 start with the most popular and most traditional way of betting on NBA games. This is most commonly referred to as a point spread, but goes by other names such as the betting line or handicap. So what is a NBA point spread?

  • Where can I place an NBA point spread bet?

  • You can place an NBA point spread bet at any regulated sportsbook in person or online. Check our betting sites reviews for the best legal online sportsbook options in your region. What are the odds for a point spread?

  • What is NBA over under basketball betting?

  • Given its high scoring nature, another popular NBA bet type is Over Under basketball betting, also known as point totals, or just totals. What is a NBA Over Under bet?