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  • How do I get on a Division 1 (D1) basketball team?

  • There are over 100 NCAA Division 1 (D1) schools with at least 12 players on each team. Yet this does not make getting on the team easy at all. Colleges are looking at over a hundreds or thousands high school prospects, and you have to find a way to stand out. Choose the Right High School. Evaluate the high school before you attend it.

  • How to become a basketball player?

  • Start playing basketball from a young age so you have a lot of time to develop your skills. Look for youth leagues in your area or try out for your school鈥檚 basketball team to learn from coaches, develop team skills, and get experience playing the game.

  • Do NCAA D1 college basketball teams hold tryouts?

  • NCAA D1 college basketball teams hold try outs for players. College coaches have these tryouts because they know that there are some talented players that, for whatever reason, have been over looked.

  • How do I become a better shooter in basketball?

  • Always be a confident team player. Look for the open man, and pass the ball, even if you want to make a shot. The better your team does, the better you do. you not only have to be a shooter, but a team player as well.