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  • How to be a good basketball player?

  • Your play should include taking charges, diving on the floor for loose balls, running the floor, constant in your face pressure on the ball when defending, strong attack moves to the hoop which are effective. Effective=ends with a basket. 2. Be powerful. Great players are not pushed around.

  • How do I become a better shooter in basketball?

  • Always be a confident team player. Look for the open man, and pass the ball, even if you want to make a shot. The better your team does, the better you do. you not only have to be a shooter, but a team player as well.

  • How do you beat the elite players?

  • When the elite player has the ball, you make that first pass really easy for him and as soon as that first pass is thrown, you deny the pass back to him all the time. Deny the Player – You can also deny the player the ball from the start.

  • How do I become a basketball coach?

  • Whenever you鈥檙e in a basketball game, ask one of your friends or parents to record you play. Try to get footage from each game for the entire season. Look for the plays that best showcase your talent and ability as a player. Use video-editing software to string the clips together so you can send them off to potential coaches.