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How to Become a Good Shooting GuardPractice a couple key principles,like mastering the mid-range jump-shot and learning how to read the defense to create open looks.Learn how to score without dribbling as this forces added pressure on the defense. …Learn how to play tough perimeter defense. When a shooting guard isn鈥檛 scoring,he needs to be deflecting potential scoring chances in the face of the opposition on defense.Practice ball-handling technique to become a better scoring threat. In addition,learn how to anticipate a defender’s next move to develop into a strong passer.

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  • What does a shooting guard do in basketball?

  • Shooting guards are slightly different from point guards in that they don’t facilitate the offense to get their teammates as the point guard does. The main duties of a shooting guard are catching-and-shooting and cutting to the basket. They also like to drive to the basket. As a bottom line, shooting guards need to be able to score the basketball.

  • Which position is the best shooter in basketball?

  • The shooting guard is usually the team鈥檚 best shooter. The shooting guard can make shots from long distance and also is a good dribbler. There are no related articles.

  • What are the different guard positions in basketball?

  • There are two specific guard positions in basketball: point guard and shooting guard. We will explore the similarities and differences between point guards and shooting guards. Generally, the point guard takes the ball up the court, sets up the offense, and facilitates the ball to give their team a chance to score.

  • How do I become a shooting guard in the NBA?

  • In order to improve as a shooting guard, you should focus on strengthening your entire game. Although you may not become an NBA star, with time, effort, and lots of practice, you could still become an accomplished player in your own right. Work on the skill areas below, and watch your game start to blossom.