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  • What is overseas basketball?

  • They hear of guys getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and buying an Escalade and they think that鈥檚 what overseas basketball is. The truth is, overseas basketball, more often than not, consists of crappy apartments, no washer and dryer, small towns, 10-hour bus rides and playing in front of less than 500 fans.

  • Can I get a job playing basketball overseas?

  • But one word of warning, unless you have a ton of connections or you played at a big-time college basketball, to get a job playing overseas is NOT EASY and will require a ton of investment鈥?an investment with no guarantee of a return. 1. Create a Highlight Video

  • Who attends an overseas basketball scouting combine?

  • * Overseas Basketball Scouting Combines are attended by Scouts, Coaches, Agents, and General Managers from Professional Basketball Leagues throughout the World.

  • How can I get overseas on my own?

  • Search For Opportunities to Get Overseas on Your Own This can mean everything from buying your own ticket and bumming it on someone鈥檚 couch, to finding a touring team or foreign academy to attend.