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Increasing the grip of the basketball footwear usingsandpaper or a nail fileis a convenient technique. It is basically a gravel or brick textured surface that scrapes the surface of your shoes against polishing ground surfaces. The gravel of sandpaper helps to add traction by turning the outsole more textured that sticks better to the floor.

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  • How can I improve the grip on my worn-out basketball shoes?

  • You have a couple of options for improving the grip on your worn-out basketball shoes. The first is having the shoes resoled by a repair service that specializes in sports shoes. Typically, shoe services include patching and re-stitching the uppers as part of the service.

  • Why is my basketball hard to grip?

  • This surface can become worn down over constant use. A basketball is made initially with grips throughout and these leather grips can become worn down, making it hard to get a good grip on the ball. When this happens, you can easily restore the grip on the basketball by giving it a thorough cleaning. Set the ball down on a flat surface.

  • How do you fix a basketball that won’t stay up?

  • Add dish soap and water to the rag and press the rag into the grooves along the basketball. These tough-to-reach places can be filled with dirt and other debris, so they must be cleaned thoroughly to help restore the grip on the basketball.

  • How do you clean the inside of a basketball?

  • Pour leather cleaner onto a new rag and wipe it carefully on the surface of the basketball. Move the rag back and forth in a circular motion until the entire area has been covered with the cleaner. This cleaner will get rid of the grease and other grime that dish soap and water could not.