how tall is tammy from basketball wives插图

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5 for 9 inch

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  • Who is Tami Tami from Basketball Wives?

  • Tami can be seen as the newest cast member on VH1’s hit reality show Basketball Wives (2010), which follows the lives of seven women linked to professional basketball players. Basketball Wives has consistently held over a million viewers since the show debuted in April 2010.

  • Who is Tami Roman and why is she famous?

  • TAMI Roman is most famously known as an American television personality, model, businesswoman and actress. The Basketball Wives star has made headlines after revealing her weight loss and fans want to know how she did it.

  • What did Tami Roman say about weight loss on Instagram?

  • After reading mean remarks about her weight loss, she made a powerful statement about her health. Basketball Wives star Tami Roman recently fired back at body shamers on Instagram with a caption addressing negative backlash to her weight-loss. I didn’t lose weight, I lost my willingness to die, she wrote.

  • Who is Reggie Youngblood鈥檚 wife Tami Roman?

  • Reggie Youngblood is a former NFL hopeful who is married to Basketball Wives star Tami Roman. Roman is the former wife of retired basketball player Kenny Anderson and the mother of two children. Roman and Youngblood secretly were married in Las Vegas in 2018, according to E!.