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If you want to buildan indooror outdoor basketballcourt, the total expense ranges from $11,000 on the low end, $35,000 on average and $76,000 on the high end for a size measuring 94 by 50 feet. These costs translate into a price of $3.50 to $re foot. How do I start a basketballgym?

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  • How much does it cost to build an indoor basketball court?

  • But according to HomeAdvisor, the cost of an indoor basketball court ranges from $16,650 to $70,700. Houzz gives a less pocket-friendly cost estimate 鈥?from $150,000 to $250,000 鈥?but this includes all indoor features you could think of.

  • How much does hardwood flooring cost for an indoor gym?

  • Maple hardwood gives you a classic warmth, durability and strength, factors which people often associate with indoor sports. For those who can afford a full-size court kind of set up, hardwood flooring will see them cash out $29,000.

  • How much does it cost to install a basketball hoop?

  • On a high-budget, the flooring cost is $29,000. Hoop installation is $300 when you are building on a low-budget. Comparatively, a hoop installation will cost you $1,600 on a high budget. Labor and materials will cost you $13,000 on the low-end and $46,000 on the high-end.

  • How much does laminate flooring cost for a basketball court?

  • Laminate flooring tends to cost $0.70 to $2 per square foot for the material and an additional $2 to $8 per square foot for installation. In total, laminate flooring for a full-size basketball court will cost $13,000 on the low end and $47,000 on the high end. For a 3-on-3 court, the costs go down to $2,500-$9,000.