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The cost of building an indoor basketball court depends according to the low-end, average-end, and high-end profile. Mostly a court of 94 x 50 ft costs approximately$11,000 at the lowest end, $35,000 on average, and $70,000 -80,000 at the top end. What You Need To Know Before Building An Indoor Basketball Court:

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  • How much does an outdoor basketball court cost?

  • The cost estimates given by HomeAdvisor for outdoor and indoor basketball courts are pretty close. An outdoor basketball court-sized at 94 x 50 feet would cost you $17,200 to $76,000, while indoor court estimates range from $16,650 to $70,700.

  • How much does it cost to build an indoor tennis court?

  • Building an indoor court ranges from $16,650 to $70,700. If you already have an open area in your home available, you can minimize some of your starting expenses. These costs assume that your structure is equipped for basic function but may only have a concrete slab for flooring.

  • How much does it cost to renovate a basketball court?

  • Renovations might cost you an average of $40,000. Building a basketball court might cost you around $10,000 on the low end and $46,000 on the high end (source: HomeAdvisor ). However, it depends on the start-up that you currently have.

  • How to build a basketball court on a budget?

  • When building a basketball court, you have to choose materials that are friendly to your budget. Maple hardwood, laminate floors, and cement slabs are some of the materials which are used in constructing a court鈥檚 floor. The cost of installation, labor and maintenance for these materials differ.