how much time is a basketball game插图

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32 minutes

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  • How many minutes are there in a basketball game?

  • 1 FIBA games: 10 minutes, with 15-minute half time. 2 NBA games: 12 minutes, with 15-minute half time. 3 NCAA college games: Two halves of 20 minutes, with 15-minute half time. 4 NFHS high school games: 8 minutes, with 10-minute half time.

  • How long does a college basketball game last on TV?

  • The typical time consumed by an NCAA ball game on TV is about 2 hours and 10 minutes. This time is broken down into 40 minutes of actual playing time, two 30-second timeouts for each team, and three full timeouts, giving a total of 48 minutes.

  • What is the total time distribution of a college basketball game?

  • So the total time distribution of one college-level basketball match is the following: The college basketball games use two halves instead of 4 quarters like in NBA and high school level games. So the halves time required for a college game is 40 minutes that consists of two halves of 20 minutes each.

  • How long does a women鈥檚 basketball game last?

  • Before accounting for gameplay or timeouts, a women鈥檚 NCAA basketball game is just about 57 minutes long. In an NCAA women鈥檚 basketball game, each coach receives a timeout of one full minute and three 30 second timeouts. If all the timeouts are used, this adds five minutes to the game time.