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The three-point line in basketball is an arc-shaped line near each basket that determines how many points a successful shot is worth in basketball. If a shot is made from on or inside this line, it is worthtwo points. If the shot is made from beyond the line it is worth three points.

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  • How many points is a three-point shot in basketball?

  • Any basket from a shot taken from inside the three-point line during game play counts for two points. The three-point line is located 23 feet 9 inches from the center of the backboard. If a player steps on the three-point line before releasing the ball, the shot will count for only two points.

  • How many points is a foul shot in basketball?

  • 1 point – When players are fouled, they get free attempts to shoot the ball, which are called foul shots. A player is given one point for every successful foul shot. When a player is shooting a foul shot, the remaining nine players on the court must stand in designated locations.

  • What are the different scoring points in basketball?

  • Different points are awarded to players based on where they are when they shoot the ball. Here is a breakdown of scoring: 3 points – Awarded to players who successfully shoot the ball through the hoop from behind the three-point line.

  • What are the rules for shooting in basketball?

  • The shooting player can step on or cross the three-point line after releasing the ball; the shot will still count for three points. The shooter must have at least one foot on the floor outside of the line before taking the shot. A National Basketball Association game can take a variety of different forms.