how much is it to make a basketball court插图

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A full NBA-standard court will cost you $46,000to construct it. A half-court will cost you $23,000. As the court鈥檚 dimensions decrease,so does the total price. That鈥檚 quite clear because putting up a court with highschool dimensions will cost you $43,000 for a full-court and $21,000 for a half-court. A 3-on-3 basketball court costs about $9000.

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  • How much does it cost to build an indoor basketball court?

  • But according to HomeAdvisor, the cost of an indoor basketball court ranges from $16,650 to $70,700. Houzz gives a less pocket-friendly cost estimate 鈥?from $150,000 to $250,000 鈥?but this includes all indoor features you could think of.

  • How much does a junior high basketball court cost?

  • A junior high full-size basketball court (74 x 42 feet) costs $31,000 on average. If you are willing to cut costs by building a half-size court, then here are some cost estimates:

  • How much does a 3-on-3 basketball court cost?

  • A 3-on-3 basketball court costs about $9000. An indoor junior high full basketball court will cost about $31,000 and a half-court will cost around $15,500.

  • How to save money on basketball court costs?

  • Another option that can save you a lot of money on basketball court costs is for you to install an outdoor court. The outdoor court will be best when the weather is good, but it will give you a place to play.