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  • How much does a basketball shooting machine cost?

  • For more advanced and best basketball machines, it could cost at least $400 up to over $6,000 depending on the brand and technology. There are several things to consider when choosing the best basketball shooting machine.

  • How do basketball shooting machines work?

  • Basketball shooting machines help you by increasing the number of shots you put up in practice. Put the machines under a hoop, and it then gathers the ball after the shot and passes it back to you. This system allows you to continue shooting without worrying about where you chase the ball after it ricochets.

  • Is the shoot-a-way 10K basketball Shooting Machine worth it?

  • While some basketball trainers prefer the Shoot-A-Way 10K 鈥淭he Gun鈥?Basketball Shooting Machine, it鈥檚 quite bulky and costs so much. With its Home Court Shoot-A-Way technology, it鈥檚 understandable why it鈥檚 expensive, but it may not be for everyone.

  • How can I cut the cost of my basketball machine in half?

  • This can cut the cost literally in half. Now your $5,000 machine is only $2,500! Most companies, including Dr. Dish Basketball, will help spread the cost out with 12 month interest free financing for schools. This should allow you to spilt the cost over 2 budget cycles. The terms are typically 50% of the cost of the machine upfront + shipping.