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  • How much do front row seats cost at the NBA Finals?

  • How much do front row seats cost at the NBA Finals? Using data from the reseller TicketCity, Forbes reported that the most expensive 2018 NBA Finals tickets for courtside seats ranged from $15,896 (for Game 7) up to a whopping $76,956 (Game 2). Click to see full answer.

  • How do I purchase tickets on front row seats?

  • Front Row Seats sorts ticket deals from lowest price to highest price. Click on the section you prefer on the interactive seating chart. You can sort tickets by the price, section, row, or quantity of seats you need. Click Buy to purchase your seats! Make sure to review your order at the checkout page. Enjoy your awesome NBA seats!

  • How much are front row seats to a Lakers game?

  • Also to know is, how much are front row seats to Lakers game? Ticket prices for the 2019-2020 Los Angeles Lakers games at Staples Center average $171.00 鈥?$2,514.89 per ticket.

  • How much does a courtside ticket to the NBA Finals cost?

  • A new per seat record has been set for the NBA Finals. A person paid $50,507.50 PER SEAT on the @warriors website for two courtside seats ($101,015 total) to Game 4. The range of courtside ticket cost is pretty impressive. According to Sportster, you could pay between $300 and $50,000 depending on: