how much air does a basketball need插图

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8 psi

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  • How much air pressure should be in a basketball?

  • As previously noted, the NBA basketball air pressure instruction is between 7.5 to 8.5 pounds per square inch. Some balls have air pressure recommendations printed in them, and it may state 鈥渦p to nine pounds,鈥?but obviously, the NBA prefers it to be just a little lower than the maximum allowable air pressure in a ball.

  • Why do basketballs need so much air?

  • Basketballs, along with other objects such as tires and footballs, are high-pressure products. This means that they require a lot of the force created by air pressure in order to get and stay fully inflated. There are various measurements used for air pressure.

  • How much air does it take to inflate a basketball?

  • Most basketballs have inflation instructions printed right on them. Take a look and you’ll probably see something like INFLATE 7 to 9 LBS. For this experiment, a ball inflated to eight pounds per square inch will serve as the control. The same ball, but containing different amounts of air, will provide the variables.

  • How do you put air in a basketball without a pump?

  • Secure the needle for the ball into the air socket of the basketball. Screw on a tubeless tire valve stem to the needle. Attach a CO2 cartridge to the valve stem. You may need to use a tube to attach the two. Loosen the CO2 valve to release the compressed CO2 into the basketball.