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  • How many teams make the playoffs each year?

  • 68 teams make the playoffs. The 32 teams that win their conference tournaments receive automatic bids. The other 36 spots are at-large invitations given out by the the NCAA tournament selection committee.

  • What are the rounds of the NCAA basketball playoffs?

  • 1st Round: Teams are divided into two brackets (East and West) and compete against each other until there is a winner from each conference. 2nd Round: The two teams with the best records compete in a championship playoff. 3rd Round: Four teams compete in the Semi-Finals.

  • How many teams are in the NCAA Tournament?

  • Thirty-two teams earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament by winning their conference championship. The remaining 36 teams are determined by the Selection Committee, based on their performance in the regular season and conference tournaments. Eight teams participate in March Madness before the first round officially begins.

  • How many teams are in the March college basketball tournament?

  • The March college basketball tournament is one of the biggest and most exciting events in the world of sports. On selection day, we are introduced to the 68 teams that will be competing.