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12 minutes

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  • How many quarters are there in a basketball game?

  • NBA game consists of 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts for 12 minutes making the total game鈥檚 duration 48 minutes. Why Basketball quarter lasts for 12 minutes? If Basketball holds a quarter for more than 12 minutes, it would have been too exhausting for all players as they keep on running back and forth on offensive and defensive styles.

  • How many minutes are there in a basketball game?

  • A typical basketball game lasts for 40-48 minutes, depending on the format of the match. How many rounds are in a basketball game? There are two halves in NCAA games, while NBA games follow the quarter rule consisting of four quarters per match. Which type of goal post is best for dunking?

  • Why do NBA quarters last so long?

  • The reason for the longer quarters is the aggressiveness of players that would result in fouls and the attention to details that coaches give to the games that would result in numerous timeouts. Each NBA quarter is 12 minutes in length but can run around 28 minutes in actual time.

  • How long are quarters in the WNBA?

  • WNBA games have 4x 10-minute quarters totaling 40-minutes, with 5-minute overtimes if needed. Besides the length of the quarters, the WNBA and NBA have many similarities in their rule structure, especially in the length of games. The shot clock in the WNBA is also set at 24-seconds and halftime is 15-minutes as well.