how many inches is the basketball rim插图

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18 inches

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  • How big is a basketball are rim?

  • Especially when we talk about the diameter of a basketball rim or hoop, then every centimeter matters. The standard diameter of a basketball rim (hoop) is 18 inches or 46 cm. But it could be a slight variance in some sort of playing. Such as recreational games, international, school-level games, etc.

  • What is the rim diameter of a FIBA basketball?

  • FIBA鈥檚 rim diameter is slightly different from the standard 18 inches. FIBA announced the official rule that the rim should have a minimum of 450 mm or a maximum 459 mm inner diameter. In inches which are approximately from 17.7165 to 18.0709.

  • How low does a basketball net hang from the rim?

  • Compared to the clear area of the basketball rim, a regulation basketball is 27% of the size of the opening. How low does a basketball net hang? Basketball nets hang 15鈥?18鈥?| 38.1-45.7 cm below the rim. How long is a basketball game? The average NBA basketball game lasts between two and two and a half hours.

  • What is a breakaway rim in basketball?

  • Basketball rims today are designed as breakaway rims comprised of a hinge and spring that allow the rim to bend when a player dunks without shattering the backboard.