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  • How many NBA teams are in a season?

  • The number of NBA teams has expanded to 30 as of the 2014 to 2015 season. The 82-game schedule for 6 months allow the NBA teams to play around three games per week.

  • How many times do NBA teams play against each other?

  • The NBA schedule allows each team to play with each other at least once. A single team will face opponents in its division four times a year (4 X 4=16 games). Then, they will play with 6 teams from the other two divisions of its conference four times (6 X 4=24 games).

  • What was the first year of the NBA?

  • The NBA had its first season in 1946-47. Its regular season and playoffs, however, underwent several changes over the years. The first season, with just 11 teams, the NBA鈥檚 schedule had teams playing a total of at least 60 regular-season games, and up to 20 playoff games.

  • Why is the NBA 82-game season format?

  • The 82-game-per-season format began in the 1967-68 season with two new teams for a total of 12 teams with more eventually joining over the years. Each team will play 41 away games, and 41 home games over the course of the year.