how long is the movie dear basketball插图

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  • What is the movie Dear Basketball about?

  • An academy award winning short film, Dear Basketball brings to life Kobe Bryant鈥檚 2015 farewell letter to the game he loves. With hand drawn animation set to a soaring musical score, Dear Basketball, tells the inspiring story of one little boy living out his basketball dream.

  • What was Kobe Bryant鈥檚 message in Dear Basketball?

  • For Bryant, the film was about 鈥渢he beauty of finding what it is that you love to do, and then finding the beauty of knowing that, you know, you will not be able to do that forever.鈥?Kobe Bryant with Glen Keane backstage at the Academy Awards in March 2018, after they won the animated short Oscar for 鈥淒ear Basketball.鈥?/div>Kobe Bryant short film ‘Dear Basketball’ plays like a

  • What is the best basketball anime of all time?

  • Best Basketball Anime Manga [All Time Favorite] Slam Dunk Basketball Anime. Dear Boys (Hoop Days) Basketball Anime. Ahiru no Sora Basketball Anime. Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko鈥檚 Basketball Anime) Buzzer Beater Basketball Anime. Basquash Basketball Anime. Dash! Kappei Basketball Anime.