how long is aau basketball season插图

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The main AAU basketball season is typically thespring and early summer from about March through mid to late Junefor elementary and middle school players and March through July but off for June (for school basketball) for high schoolers.

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  • How much does AAU basketball cost?

  • Costs for AAU basketball can vary wildly from being free to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the team and club, what they offer, the skill level of the player, the travel that the team does, and more. What are the team or organization鈥檚 values?

  • When is the last season of AAU basketball?

  • Typically, the last 鈥渟eason鈥?of AAU basketball is the spring and summer before a player鈥檚 senior year in high school. However, sometimes seniors are able to play on what is referred to as 鈥渦nsigned senior鈥?teams.

  • How to start an AAU basketball team?

  • To start an AAU basketball team, meaning just a competitive travel basketball team, all you have to do is get 8-10 players, a coach, pick a team name, buy some uniforms, and then enter a tournament. That鈥檚 it. You鈥檙e done.

  • What does AAU stand for?

  • AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union, and according to their website, they have been in existence since 1888. What is AAU Basketball? The Amateur Athletic Union is a youth sports organization.