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40 minutes
College basketball games consist of40 minutesof total game play. Unlike the NBA where games are split into quarters,college basketball games are broken into two 20 minutes halves. While there is only 40 minutes in the game,it takes about one and a half to two hours to complete one game.

How many timeouts per half in college basketball?

Three of those timeouts are 60 seconds in length, while two are 30 seconds. In college basketball, televised games feature four timeouts per half, to allow for commercial breaks. Each team also receives one 60-second timeout, and four 30-second timeouts, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

How long is halftime in college basketball?

The halftime time lasts between 15 – 20 minutes in a college basketball game. This, therefore, can stretch over the show time to hours. You might spend over 2 hours watching a college basketball game before you hear the buzzer. The factors listed above can reduce or stretch the time depending on the game’s intensity.

How long is each quarter of a basketball game?

A quarter in basketball refers to the period of time in one section of a basketball game. An NBA game is split intofour, 12 minuteperiods that are referred to as quarters. The game clock reads how much time is left in every given quarter, starting at 12 and running all the way to zero.

How long do basketball players have to go to school?

The NBA does not require players to have a high school education. However, rules require players to be at least 19 years of age during the calendar year of the draft. One full NBA season must have elapsed since their graduation, as well; if they did not graduate from high school, then they still must wait until one NBA season has elapsed since the graduation of the high school class the player …

How long is halftime in basketball?

Halftime: It is a break time between a basketball game that can take a total of 15 minutes. Moreover, halftime occurs after the 2nd and 3rd quarter at middle and high school level games. Furthermore, it occurs after one-half at NCCA and College level games.

How long is a quarter in college basketball?

It is the actual duration of gameplay. Moreover, in middle-school and high-school level games, this time is divided into four quarters that are 8 to 12 minutes long. Furthermore, college and NCAA level games include two halves instead of four quarters lasting 32 to 48 minutes.

Why does the shot clock stop?

Timeout is stopping the shot clock and game clock temporarily. It may occur due to different reasons like draw up a play, allow players to rest, make a substitution, etc. Moreover, the timeout is different for different leagues that are 30 or 75 seconds longer.

How long is a basketball game in 2021?

By Stephen Curry | Last Updated: March 18, 2021. The actual average basketball game time is 48 minutes that includes four half of 12 minutes each. Moreover, the average time required for one complete basketball match is 2.5 hours that consist of halftime, foul time, or any other clock stoppage time. Furthermore, there are different basketball game …

What is the most famous game played in high school?

Basketball is one of the most famous games played in any high school. So the total time distribution of one basketball match at the high school level is the following.

When is overtime given in NBA?

When a match is tied between two teams, overtime is given to find the winner team. Moreover, overtime will be given to the teams to find a winning team by applying the same rules and regulations if the match is also tied. Furthermore, the overtime will be given to the teams again and again until the winner is decided. Lastly, the overtime of 5 minutes is given in NCCA and NBA leagues.

What is a shot clock?

The shot clock is a time in which a team has a ball possession before shooting it. Moreover, if a team would have a shot clock violation, then they lose the ball’s possession . The shot clock is introduced to increase the pace of this game.

How long are College Basketball Games: The Breaks and Interruptions?

The regular breaks in college basketball games usually span for over 15 minutes between the first and second half. Switching sides already takes up a larger part of these breaks. The halftime break is generally used for a tactical discussion with the coach and regeneration. The 15-minute break is used before each extra time, and if a debut at the end of the average time. This will be extended by five minutes until a winner is determined.

How long is a basketball game?

A basketball game lasts according to the professional level and the league, and with regards to college basketball games length, it usually lasts for about 2 hours in length. This time is always approximate due to other calls, but the actual game for men consists of two halves with 20 minutes allotted for each half. For women, the games are played in four 10-minute quarters.

What was the longest college basketball game?

The longest college basketball game ever played lasted for over four hours. And it was between Bradley and Cincinnati on December 21, 1981. After six overtimes, the two teams were still tied. Cincinnati only defeated Bradley in the seventh period of the overtime. Interestingly, this is a low-scoring game with a score of 75-73. The game started at 7:30 pm and ended at 11:20 pm. in the

How many times can a player change?

In contrast to football, for example, there is no limit to the number of player changes. But these are strictly regulated. If a player gets injured, he must be replaced within 15 seconds. Otherwise, the change will be counted as a timeout. Changes are made when the ball is dead and by the team in possession. An interruption in the event of a foul or a timeout can also be used to change players. If the team in control of the ball changes a player, the opposing team can also use the time to change players.

How does the referee stop the game?

The referee stops the gameplay (via a whistle blow), at the end of a half, or whenever a timeout is approved after a basket. On the other hand, tapping after a jump ball (opening of the game by the referee), an unsuccessful free throw, and touching the ball after a throw-in is the signs for the restart of playing time.

How long does it take for a timekeeper to release a basketball?

It is crucial for this time rule to be obeyed so that the release takes place within 24 seconds. The actual basket can also be achieved after 24 seconds, as this is the precise time when the throw interval begins to count. Whenever a team gains control of the ball, this 24 seconds then starts counting as well.

What was the longest game in the NFL?

The longest NFL game ever played was between Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs on December 25, 1971. And the game lasted for over 82 minutes, 40 seconds.

How Long is a Youth Basketball Game?

Youth basketball leagues around the world run their games slightly differently from one another.

How Long is a WNBA Game?

WNBA games have 4x 10-minute quarters totaling 40-minutes, with 5-minute overtimes if needed.

What happens if you activate the mercy rule?

If the mercy rule gets activated and the running clock starts, the game is going to finish much quicker than if the clock stopped often throughout the game.

What was the longest NBA game?

Fun Fact: The longest NBA game ever was played on January 6th, 1951 as the Indianapolis Olympians beat Rochester Royals. This game went an incredible 6 overtimes with a total of 78-minutes of actual game time played. Surprisingly, the total score of the game was only 75-73, what a different NBA it was in 1951.

How long does it take to play WNBA games?

WNBA games take around 2-hours to complete given the shortened quarter length.

What is the mercy rule in high school?

Most high schools also have the mercy rule implemented, which turns the standard game clock into a constant running clock if one team jumps out to a large lead.

How long is the NCAA shot clock?

The NCAA has a :30-second shot clock and has recently implemented video replay which can extend the time due to how long the replay takes.

How many timeouts are there in basketball?

There are four timeouts for the players’ relaxation, and they also provide a chance to have a meeting with the coach and discuss their strategies, and players can also be substituted in them.

How often do you get timeouts on a half?

When a half starts, then after every 4 minutes, there may be TV timeouts if the game stops, and in these timeouts, different commercials are on air on TV. The length of electronic media timeouts is not fixed mostly.

Why do we break in basketball?

The purpose of this break is to provide time to the players for rest as we all know basketball is a tiresome game. They can also discuss their strategies, and the substitution of players can also take place.

How long is a college basketball game?

In short, the college basketball game is for two hours , and there are just two halves of 20 minutes, and between them, there is a break of 15 minutes. College basketball also has four timeouts. One of them is of 60 seconds, and the remaining three of 30 seconds.

How long does it take to play college basketball?

A college basketball game takes approximately 2 hours. The actual playtime is not so long, but other things like timeouts, fouls, and shot clock also take time. Let discuss one by one how much time they consume.

How long is overtime in football?

It is given at the ends of the game when there is a tie, and overtime is of 5 minutes. If the tie remains, then more overtime is offered until one team wins the game.

What happens when a team scores more goals in a soccer game?

Finally, when a team scores more goals, it may be in overtime wins the game. Then there is a huge celebration of success, and the fans also cheer up. Then there is an award distribution ceremony among the team members, and eventually, the game ends.

How Long Is A College Basketball Game? NCAA Game Time

In college basketball, the clock doesn’t stop when the shot goes through the net. That can lead to some long games, as was evidenced on Saturday night when Lafayette and Lehigh played for two hours and 37 minutes before Lehigh came out on top. For fans of the sport, that’s part of the appeal – watching teams battle it out until the end.


A basketball hall of fame is an institution that honors individuals who have contributed to the sport in some way. There are many different basketball halls of fame located throughout the United States.


The average college basketball game lasts about 2 hours and 45 minutes. This is different from the NBA which averages 3 hours and 30 minutes per game, but it still provides plenty of time for fans to enjoy themselves.

How long is a College Basketball ball Game?

The actual playtime in a college basketball game is 40 minutes with two 20 minutes. This does not mean that the 40 minutes of the game would go on at once. This 40-minute playtime is usually interrupted by timeouts, free throws, fouls, Deadball.

How Long Does a College Basketball Game Last on tv?

College Basketball games shown on TV last longer than watching a basketball game. Typically, a basketball game shown on TV lasts for about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

What is the longest college basketball game ever?

This is the longest men’s basketball game ever played in NCAA history. For this game, the University of Cincinnati visited Bradley University on December 21, 1981. Both teams were tied till after the sixth overtime. Cincinnati scored extra after the 7th overtime and won the game at 75-73.


It has been said that James Naismith, a spring field college alumnus, invested in basketball while he was a student in the college in 1891. He thought basketball to be a less injury-prone sport than football and a game that could be played to keep athletes indoors during the winter.


There you have it. I’m sure at this point you know how long a college basketball game last and the major contributing factors that Lengthen the match. College Basketball games are entertaining to watch and form an integral part of college life.

How Long Are NBA Games?

NBA games have four periods, each lasting 12 minutes. Aside from that, NBA rules allow for 5-minute overtime.

What Was The Longest NBA Game?

If you wonder what the longest NBA game was, it took place on January 6, 1951, between Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals at Edgerton Park Arena in Rochester, New York.

What About College And High-School Basketball Games?

College basketball game is regulated by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and consist of two 20-minute halves. There is a half time of 15 minutes between the halves as well.

How Long Is A Basketball Quarter?

The duration of a basketball quarter depends on the league and association that the game is held under. I’ve had a look at quarter durations earlier, but in case you’ve jumped straight to this section to find answers, here they are:

When Does The Clock Stop?

The clock is stopped whenever the official’s whistle sounds, which may be in the following cases:

How many timeouts are allowed in high school basketball?

High school games: High school teams are allowed five timeouts per game – three 60-second and two 30-second timeouts. In overtime, each team has an additional 60-second timeout. There are many more intricacies to know about with timeouts, like mandatory timeouts in NBA or timeout carryover rules.

How many timeouts are allowed in a FIBA game?

FIBA games: Timeouts last 1 minute, and each team is allowed two timeouts during the first half, three timeouts during the second half (maximum two timeouts when the game clock shows 2:00 or less in the fourth quarter), and one timeout during each overtime .

How Long Is a Basketball Game?

Basketball games vary in length. But the most popular basketball league, the NBA, uses four quarters of 12 minutes each.

Why Does The Clock Keep Stopping During NBA Games?

There is a variety of reasons why a clock might stop in an NBA game. It might be because:

What Adds to the Time for Playoff Games?

While NBA playoff games are not any longer on the actual clock, usually the viewing time will be longer than a regular season game. Sadly, for NBA fans, this is not because the viewing is any better.

How Long Is A High School Basketball Game?

The length of high school basketball games is decided by the National Federation of High School Associations.

What Is The Longest NBA Game?

The longest ever NBA game took place all the way back in 1951. The game took place between two teams that no longer compete in the NBA, the Indianapolis Olympians and the Rochester Royals.

How Do NBA Games Take Place?

NBA games make up an 82-game regular season. This regular season ranks the 15 teams in each conference, with the top 6 going straight to the playoffs.

When Does The Clock Stop?

The clock tends to stop when the ball goes out of bounds. This is because it usually takes at least a few seconds to get the ball back into play.