how long did michael jordan play college basketball插图

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Three years

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  • When did Michael Jordan start playing basketball?

  • Michael Jordan began playing basketball officially when he tried out for his high school varsity team. He was cut from the team, however, because he was too short and did not have the needed skills.

  • How many years did Michael Jordan play at North Carolina?

  • Michael Jordan played at North Carolina for three years, from the 1981-82 season to the 1983-84 season. Jordan was just the fourth player in North Carolina history to start his first game as a freshman. What was Michael Jordan’s record in college?

  • Where did Michael Jordan go to college?

  • Jordan went to University of North Carolina (UNC), his home state, on a full basketball scholarship. Under UNC鈥檚 head basketball coach Dean Smith, Jordan became only the fourth freshman ever to earn a starting spot. Here are some of the stats from his three years of college.

  • How many points did Michael Jordan average his junior year?

  • He joined the varsity team his junior year, averaged 25 points per game during his junior and senior years and was named to the McDonald鈥檚 All American Team as a senior. From there, he went to North Carolina University on a basketball scholarship.