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18 minutes

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  • How many quarters are in a high school basketball game?

  • Four Quarters 鈥?A high school basketball game is played in four quarters. How long is a quarter in high school basketball? Each quarter has eight minutes for the varsity level and 6-7 minutes for the junior varsity level. Halftime Break 鈥?During the game, there is a halftime break, which is 10 minutes long.

  • How long does a high school basketball game last?

  • High school basketball games are divided into four quarters that are 8 minutes of game time each year. Each quarter will last much longer than 8 minutes and will average around 18 minutes in length. The third and fourth quarters may be longer than the first and second quarters because the game becomes more intense during these periods.

  • Which sport has the shortest quarter length in basketball?

  • Due to the players鈥?age and physical attributes, high school basketball has the shortest quarter length in basketball. The quarter length for a high school basketball game is 8 minutes.

  • How long are quarters in the WNBA?

  • WNBA games have 4x 10-minute quarters totaling 40-minutes, with 5-minute overtimes if needed. Besides the length of the quarters, the WNBA and NBA have many similarities in their rule structure, especially in the length of games. The shot clock in the WNBA is also set at 24-seconds and halftime is 15-minutes as well.