how does the possession arrow work in college basketball插图

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Here’s how the collegebasketballpossessionarrowworks: Every NCAA basketball game starts with a jump ball at center court. The possessionarrow remains off until one team attains possession of the ball after tipoff.

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  • What is the possession arrow used for in high school basketball?

  • A high school basketball game is four eight-minute quarters and the possession arrow is used to determine who receives the ball at the start of each quarter after the first one. In college basketball, the game is two 20-minute halves and the possession arrow determines which team receives the ball after halftime.

  • How does possession work in basketball?

  • Games still begin with an opening tip-off at half-court. But after the opening tip, the possession arrow is set to point toward the team that loses the tip-off. If a jump ball is later called, that team is awarded possession of the ball and in-bounds the ball. The possession arrow then switches to point toward the other team.

  • What does Arrow mean in basketball?

  • in school, used to figure out which group’s turn it is to inbounds the ball to start aperiod or in a jump ball situation. Usually a plastic sign with an arrow on each side of it used to keep track of possessions during the game.

  • What does alternating possession mean in basketball?

  • The alternating possession procedure establishes a fair way to determine which team gets the ball in unusual situations when both or neither team has possession of the ball. The held ball is a frequent example of when the alternating possession arrow determines which team gets the ball.