how does stephen curry shoot a basketball插图

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Curry is predominantly a wide stance shooter with his knees pointing inwards. Off the catch,Steph Curry dips the basketball and uses the momentum to create rhythm for his shot. This means that after catching the ball,he brings it down to his waist before rising up to shoot.

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  • How does Steph Curry hold the ball when shooting?

  • Steph Curry holds his shooting shoulder, elbow, and hip aligned. You can notice that his shoulder is right behind his elbow, in line with his hip. His forearm is lightly tilted away from this line, holding the ball over his shooting eye.

  • Does Steph Curry have the fastest shot in the NBA?

  • Steph uses very little knee flexion when he shoots 鈥?his legs are just slightly bent to give him enough power to jump, and he uses speed as the main driving force. Due to this, Curry was measured to have one of the fastest shots in the NBA.

  • What is Steph Curry鈥檚 one motion shooting form?

  • One motion shots are only suitable when you are shooting from a distance. If the shot is made from near the basket, it will get blocked. As Steph Curry mostly shoots from a distance, his form is perfect. Curry uses the BEEF acronym for shooting the ball.

  • What is Steph Curry鈥檚 setpoint in basketball?

  • The point right before the ball starts moving towards the net is called the setpoint. Steph Curry鈥檚 setpoint is just above his right eye. At his setpoint, his thumb is in line with his eyebrow and his palm is facing to the side. You will also notice that his arm makes a 90 degree angle at his armpit.