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  • What sports can I do with my AAU membership?

  • Wrestling More Sports Sports AAU Junior Olympic Games AAU West Coast Junior Olympic Games Athletics Track Field Cross Country Multi Events Aerobics Baseball Basketball Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Mens Basketball Womens Basketball Bocce Ball Baton Twirling Bowling Cheerleading Cricket Dance Diving Fastpitch Fencing Football Flag Football

  • What is AAU basketball?

  • AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. These teams are also referred to as club teams. Because they are just recreational sports clubs that offer athletic opportunities for children in the United States and Canada. AAU Basketball Teams follow a different set of rules than high school or college basketball.

  • How do I become a member of AAU?

  • Membership in any category may be granted only after an application is submitted and approved. By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to comply with all the provisions of the AAU Code, including its constitution, bylaws, policies, procedures, regulations, and rules.

  • Why did AAU basketball announce a partnership with national sports ID?

  • We at AAU Basketball are very proud to announce a partnership with National Sports ID to help maintain the integrity of our players, teams and tournaments. National Sports ID is an online service that verifies the age/grade of youth athletes by providing sports IDs to prove eligibility for all AAU licensed events.