how do you put a basketball net on插图

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To put a net on a basketball hoop, you just need thehoop, the net, and your hands. Identify the outer edges of the net and the loops that form this rim. Then, choose a loop and place it through the first hole visible along the rim of the hoop.

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  • How to tie a basketball net?

  • Grab the net by the upper end and climb to the level of the basketball hoop. Holding the net with your hands two inches apart, between your thumbs and forefingers, slide one strand down over the closest hook on the bottom of the rim. Do the same for the next hook, and move on with the same method for all the hooks on the rim.

  • How do you fix a basketball net that won’t stick?

  • Set up a ladder below the basketball rim. Make sure the ladder is steady and placed on a level surface. Loop the first net loop through the basketball rim. Push the net through each loop on the basketball rim. Pull the net tightly to the rim. Create your own step-by-step repair guide.

  • How do I choose the right basketball net for my rim?

  • Make sure you have the right net size that will fit your basketball rim. A metal net build for regular size steel rim will normally have 12 loops. Take a look at your net and locate the loops at the top. Usually, these links will be larger than the normal chain loops. Identify open hooks.

  • How to use a net loop on a basketball hoop?

  • Squeeze the loop and push it through the hook of the rim. Start from the inside of the basketball hoop and move towards the outside. Then, open up the net loop that is hanging on the hook on the outside part of the basketball hoop. Ensure that the loop is open enough and loop it around the front of the rim hook.